Posted by cmdrflake on October 7, 2010 
I like this shot. O. Winston Link is looking down approvingly, well perhaps not, as the SD40 is not an N&W A, J or Y6. But why quibble? Nice shot, well composed and planned, ***!
Posted by Dave Blaze... on October 7, 2010 
Very well executed Tom. I am impressed!
Posted by Mark Schenking on October 7, 2010 
Great shot Tom!
Posted by Thomas J. Nanos - on October 8, 2010 
Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words! FYI, there really wasn't any pre-planning involved here - it was literally set up in less than 30 seconds and shot from the hip. Here's the story behind the shot over on the TRAINS forum - click here
Posted by Al Crossley on October 8, 2010 
Okay, maybe it was set up in 30 seconds and shot from the hip, but that's what luck is--being skilled enough to be ready for an opportunity. (As an old Central Vermont fan, it sure is strange seeing SDs on that line!) Good work!
Posted by Derek Stewart on October 8, 2010 
Great photo! I bet this locomotive has a nice Leslie on it.
Posted by Donald Haskel on October 9, 2010 
Thomas, good photographers such as yourself make luck happen.
Posted by on October 22, 2010 
Great shot Tom! It's still nice to see Big Blue here in Ct.
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