Posted by Steve Armitage on July 21, 2010 
Tom, this is a wonderful image that you can be proud of. PCA natch!
Posted by Alberto on July 21, 2010 
nice shot,Tom!
Posted by John Sesonske on July 21, 2010 
Tom, that composition is outstanding. Love that plume.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on July 21, 2010 
That is an unbelievable plume! I love it.
Posted by Matthew Hicks on July 23, 2010 
I've always wanted to get a shot of a westbound here, but freights only go east along this track now, but with the steam plume this is a DREAM! I don't add photos to my favorites easily, but this gets a spot in them.
Posted by Raillady on August 24, 2013 
Most beautiful plume shot I have ever seen. Thanks for getting this moment for us forever.
Posted by Matthew Hicks on August 24, 2013 
I had forgotten about this photo! I ended up getting a wonderful mood very similar to yours, but I processed it a bit differently... I still think you must have been unconscious inspiration for me.
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