Posted by Loyd Lowry on July 19, 2010 
Amazing work John. The thumbnail begs to be clicked, and the full size version doesn't disappoint. PCA for you sir.
Posted by Ray Peacock on July 19, 2010 
Nice. Real nice. Look at the chasers much to see.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on July 19, 2010 
A real stunner - glad to see it was accepted as is. I see another PC coming your way - just like old times!
Posted by Bryant Kaden on July 19, 2010 
Great scene, John! PCA vote from me, too.
Posted by Adam Pizante on July 19, 2010 
Sweet view, love the colors!
Posted by Steve Carter on July 20, 2010 
Posted by Jake Miille on July 20, 2010 
Great shot! It's hard to believe that I have seen a train go across that same bridge.
Posted by Jason Eminian on July 20, 2010 
This scene captures the look of California's foothills very well. So well in fact, it looks bucolic. Also great to see the Coast Line attracting attention. Very nice!
Posted by Ken Kuehne on July 20, 2010 
Great vantage for this shot! PCA
Posted by Charlie O on July 20, 2010 
Another great shot, another historic and scenic keeper. PCA and Favorite Photo from me.
Posted by David Honan on July 21, 2010 
Stunning view of a classic train, John! Definitely a PCA vote from me, too.
Posted by Bob Avery on July 24, 2010 
Very nice indeed John...a couple of mouse clicks and the diesel could be gone.....
Posted by Carl Massart on August 2, 2010 
It looks like there is a traffic jam on the road below... in the middle of nowhere. Hmm!
Posted by on August 5, 2010 
Awesome shot John! It appears the June Gloom pulled back just in time to get some real nice contrast of colors. Excellent vantage point which I know you had to work for. Looking down from Chorro now reveals groves of Avocados adorning the hills behind (ie lost potential). Stenner Creek Trestle has been a favorite place to shoot on this end also, but that treatment plant.... Definitely a worthy relic there Mr. West.
Posted by Craig Walker on August 31, 2010 
Looks like I was one of the railfans in the group in the lower right corner of the image: And, yes, that is a lot of traffic - for a deadend road! But, as for the "middle of nowhere" ... this is just at the northern edge of San Luis Obispo, and it isn't as remote as it appears. It is tough to beat California's Central Coast for scenery ... I just wish they'd run more rail traffic!
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