Posted by Matthew Hicks on June 23, 2010 
Very nicely done! I envy you for being about an hour and a half closer to these beautiful Kicking Horse sunrises than me :(
Posted by on June 23, 2010 
Simply amazing. It almost makes me feel right beside you.
Posted by W. D. Shaw on June 23, 2010 
That's simply gorgeous, Jim! Congrats on the SC also!
Posted by Jim Schmitzer on June 24, 2010 
Wonderful shot,Jim. Congratulations on the SC.
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on June 26, 2010 
Stunning photo! Very worthy of the SC award! PCA from me.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on June 27, 2010 
Posted by Wayne Trowbridge on July 1, 2010 
Congrats on the SC,Jim. Another wonderful photo in a beautiful location. Well done.
Posted by Jackson Knudson on July 1, 2010 
Wow... utterly breathtaking shot. That is so worth getting up at six in the morning for!
Posted by vonfinkelstein on July 23, 2010 
I can almost feel the cool air and condensation by looking at this photo. Very nice.
Posted by Renee on August 14, 2010 
This magnificent photo makes me reminisce for the days when I had a car and I could get up at 5 or 5:30 and get a photo at this time of day. Instead you brought this to me possibly to inspire me for the time when I can do that again. The lighting is everything.
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