Posted by on May 20, 2010 
What a classic. Reminds me of the many days spent in the woods with my dad when he was a logger.
Posted by Aaron Keller on May 20, 2010 
That's an awesome shot, Steve. I really enjoy photos that both give an immediate sense of place and tell the story of a line. This certainly accomplishes those goals!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 20, 2010 
Very cool shot, Steve! It almost has a McCloud type feel to it.
Posted by Nick McLean on May 20, 2010 
What a fascinating view of what a logging line in the 21st century looks like! PC vote here.
Posted by Charles Freericks on May 20, 2010 
I agree... very cool shot.
Posted by Archer01 on May 20, 2010 
My kind of railroad. :)
Posted by Ferns on May 31, 2010 
And nature slowly reclaimed it's place. If only a 'magic marker' erased the tracks, then it does look like there never was a railroad in the first place!
Posted by Jack R. Maney on August 10, 2011 
Were those cars there to rot, or are they the train?
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