Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on January 30, 2010 
Steven, very, very nice. I feel the heat/cold/damp/rumble. Thanks for giving us civilians a look inside your world.
Posted by Ky.CatFan on January 30, 2010 
When the weather's that bad, yours is a tough way to make a living. However just think how much worse the same weather conditions would be if your modern diesels were to suddenly to change back to the steam era and had to be hand fired, watered and greased, etc. Just be very glad you are not working on your grand father's engine tonight.
Posted by Nick DAmato (Diamond D) on January 30, 2010 
One of the best cab photos I've seen in a while, well done!
Posted by Kenneth A. Young on January 31, 2010 
Great photo, I love it. Been there, done that too.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on January 31, 2010 
Very cool, Steven!
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on February 4, 2010 
It's good to see Drew behind the controls! Go Drew!
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