Posted by Joe Nugent on January 27, 2010 
I've tried several times to catch this very image. Ohh the hours I've sat trying to catch this very shot. The grade back onto the main is unbelievable, I'd love a shot of the consist making that climb. Thanks for beating me to this... Dangit.
Posted by Backyard on January 28, 2010 
You're telling me these engines are about to go up that bank? Unbelievable!
Posted by mike kreuscher on January 28, 2010 
Good thing they are MT's. Where I use to work one industry had a lead that had a 6% grade at one point ( called the hill track for a reason ). And of course loads came out. We could only ( if lucky ) pull 7 cars at a time. One night we had to triple the hill, and my trainmaster wanted to know what was taking so long? Bad power, bad management, bad track! Glad these guys had 2 units.
Posted by ESL on February 4, 2010 
That is severe!!
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