Posted by Ant Davis on December 18, 2009 
O God! Here we go again! Let all the Guys start the foaming at the mouth process as this photo gets closer and closer to being Top of 24 hours! Nice shot Mr. Blaszczyk!
Posted by Alex L. Moss on December 18, 2009 
So, Let me ask a question. Where is the steam engine? Nice shot Christopher!
Posted by on December 18, 2009 
I think a better caption would have been "He's gonna need a new leg," yikes! With regards to the shirt, given how last season ended, perhaps she'd prefer a Mauer or Morneau?
Posted by Marc-Anthony Gusman on December 18, 2009 
Welcome to the top 24 hrs.... Just giving you the congrats early ;) nice picture tho of the TRAIN
Posted by louis capwell on December 18, 2009 
Yeah, any of the view-getting sexiness on the right is somewhat offset by the nasty case of ringworm over there on the left. Nicely done, though!
Posted by Jonathan Hallman on December 18, 2009 
Add me to the list of those contributing to your latest Top of the Last 24. What is going on with his leg, by the way?
Posted by on December 18, 2009 
Your right Anthony, the kinds of comments these sort of pictures get always amaze Me. It makes Me realize that many of those in the rail-fan community are similar to those in the Star Trek fan world, "what's a girl"!!
Posted by Paul Hoffmann on December 18, 2009 
She's not in a bikini or a red dress, what's the sex appeal?
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on December 18, 2009 
I would Never post a shot of a women showing so much skin *waits for lightning strike* Beautiful shot - thanks for keeping it interesting Mr. Blaszczyk....
Posted by Pete Lerro - on December 18, 2009 
I believe you forgot to select "photo depicts a tunnel" when adding this picture.
Posted by Jeff Sell on December 21, 2009 
What a nice action photo of a railfan's ideal girl friend/wife in action.....A woman who likes steam locomotives and sports!
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