Posted by Travis Dewitz on December 6, 2009 
Very nice!
Posted by Steve Carter on December 6, 2009 
Nice colors, great timing!
Posted by Ryan Dadgari on December 7, 2009 
I really couldn't beleive it when you did it! I wonder if anyone else has ever been fortunate enough to get a shot such at this at Home Valley! Great shot Robert!
Posted by Scott Lothes on December 7, 2009 
Great catch!
Posted by Scott Marsh on December 7, 2009 
The timing was good luck, Nice photo. Buy me a lotto ).
Posted by jeffrey bass on December 7, 2009 
No such thing as luck in my book. Well seen and well executed Mr. Scott.
Posted by David Nutter on December 9, 2009 
Nice shot, Mr.Scott!
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