Posted by Steven M. Welch on September 26, 2009 
Ryan, I expect a new keyboard to be coming to my house soon, because I just blew this one up with drool. Amazing scene, amazing power, and amazing... Everything is amazing! PCA.
Posted by Appalachian Railfan on September 26, 2009 
Really cool Ryan. Thanks for sharing. 70ACe swing helpers are a nice catch.
Posted by Tim Stevens on September 26, 2009 
Wow. Very cool photo Ryan.
Posted by Wyrails on September 26, 2009 
I like this photo. But I don't get why MRL doesn't use these for their lead units and BNSF can't use their own units for the Swing Helpers... Very Nice though
Posted by Bernie Feltman on September 27, 2009 
If they were in the lead, I don't think these helpers would be nearly as dramatic. Great photo, Ryan
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