Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on September 7, 2009 
Great shot Pete. Amazing how many angles could be had during the weekend.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 7, 2009 
There are photo lines, and then there are the photo spots - nice job! This composition is "spot" on. Looking forward to more!
Posted by Steve Carter on September 8, 2009 
Well done! Certainly inspiring.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on September 8, 2009 
Beautiful shot, rich in color and context.
Posted by EL ROCO Photography on September 8, 2009 
That old farmer guy is pretty strong, cause those bales are really heavy. My back aches just looking at him. Great image too.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on September 8, 2009 
Simply outstanding!
Posted by Rich Clark on September 8, 2009 
Pete, while the individual elements of the shot are great and ones I'm fond of being a lifelong farmer, I have to be honest that combined in this setting is not a true depiction of square bale haying. Having a famed 2 cylinder John Deere and a train in an agricultural setting are great, but let me explain the unrealistic parts. The hayfield (looks like straw and not feed hay) has been cut for some time noted by the regrowth of some weeds and the bales would have long been put in storage. It is very unlikely that hay would be picked up at "sunrise" as you noted in the "remarks" section as the dew from the previous night would have made all the bales damp in contact with the ground. Just trying to point out a few small details that a "trained eye" would pick up in what I gather was a staged scene.
Posted by Clint on September 8, 2009 
Awesome photo Pete, just awesome!
Posted by Scott McClarrinon on September 8, 2009 
Indeed a wonderful photograph. If I were the farmer, I'd put down that bale of hay for a couple of minutes and watch the spectacle of the steam engine go by.
Posted by Darryl Rule on September 9, 2009 
Great shot Pete! As Walter said, I was just amazed at the number of angles available at each location. Just another thing your crew takes into account to make these events that much more enjoyable. Can't wait to see more!
Posted by Nigel Curtis on September 9, 2009 
Lovely shot, light is just right. That is a straw bale he is gathering, not as heavy as hay. The stubble indicates probably wheat or barley, hay is normally cut and baled in the spring, with occasionally a second cut in the summer.
Posted by Kevin Madore on September 9, 2009 
As usual Pete, you have an eye for perfect lighting. Just enough foreground light to clearly illuminate the subject, and beautiful backlight to highlight the plume. This shot shows why your trips are so popular!
Posted by David Kamptner on September 10, 2009 
Excellent shot, beautiful composure, very well done!!!
Posted by Robert John Davis on September 11, 2009 
Wow. Just wow, Pete. I should have stood next to you!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on September 12, 2009 
Looks like a typical day scene from the 1920's when steam was frequent on the line. Awesome shot there Pete! Well deserved POTW!!
Posted by Brent Kneebush on September 21, 2009 
A few things, That looks to be about a 1947 Model A, that is straw not hay, and it is obviously staged as the wheat field would have been picked in July and any straw bales left in the field woudl have long ago rotted. Also that straw bale has been packed extremely loosely as can be seen by how much it is bent and it probably weighs no more then 40 pounds. As a farm boy this bugs the heck out of me LOL
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