Posted by cavranger on July 11, 2009 
Wow, this looks like a phase I H15/16-44 with a set of Baldwin A1A trucks off of an AS-16 underneath of it. Thanks for posting such a unique oddball locomotive.
Posted by Tugboat on July 12, 2009 
These are the standard trucks for the early models of the H16-66, they're 6 motor units. Thanks for posting the wonderment of the old C&NW
Posted by James C. Smith, Jr. on July 14, 2009 
Adding to Tugboats comments, the C&NW was the only operator of this early version of the H16-66, with the Raymond Lowey designed carbody. All other H16-66s had the Trainmaster-style car body (although a little shorter in length) and Trimount truck.
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