Posted by Michael Edwards on July 2, 2009 
What a mess. It appears the tank may have ruptured as it looks like diesel in the pit.
Posted by Steven Kakoczki on July 2, 2009 
Did we forget to set the parking brake?
Posted by James Hunt on July 3, 2009 
Have we not already seen this on RP?
Posted by Tom Mugnano on July 3, 2009 
Ed i remember this photo from another life here. I beleive had almost 30K hits
Posted by CaliforniaRailroader on July 3, 2009 
As Homer Simpson would say, D'Oh!
Posted by Cody Zamostny on July 3, 2009 
Great shot! That situation normally wouldn't make me mad, but it does due to the fact that it's a former Conrail SD80MAC
Posted by The Wolf on July 3, 2009 
Luuucy, you have some splaining too do?
Posted by Ed Mullan on July 3, 2009 
After this engine was lifted out of the pit, I saw it back in service about six weeks later. I think the tank did get replaced. 806 has made many shop visits since then, I've seen her a number of times.
Posted by Nick ODell on July 3, 2009 
Ah yes, I remember this unit. A few weeks after this incident in Cumberland, the 806 was in Huntington for whatever reason (probably to get the fuel tank replaced) and blew a traction motor! From what I heard on the radio, there was a small fire and many sparks. ;-)
Posted by cmdrflake on July 3, 2009 
Oh, to have been a fly on the foreman's office when the hostler responsible came in to explain this.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on July 3, 2009 
"Here comes Ed Mullan, he's down, he's in, he SCORES!"
Posted by andy parr on July 5, 2009 
Not seen that done for many years.
Posted by J611Lover on July 6, 2009 
I think somebody is looking for a new job.
Posted by Brian Hiscock on July 6, 2009 
And thus comes the forehead slap, heard 'round the world.....
Posted by Dillon Stokes on July 6, 2009 
Is the unit bent? Look at the top of the unit.
Posted by MrDan on July 6, 2009 
That's what we call an "epic fail"...
Posted by Eric B. on July 6, 2009 
Well, at least it rolled into there and not onto the street behind the shops; imagine someone waking up to an SD80MAC in their driveway, haha!
Posted by Ian McAlister on July 8, 2009 
Everything bends under load, the question is whether it is bent to the point of deformation. My guess, seeing that it reentered service, is that once the weight was back on the trucks, the frame was not deformed.
Posted by Ed Mullan on July 8, 2009 
Yes, I suspect it is just flexed, rather than bent. Along with replacing the fuel tank, all the componets such as the generator and the engine probably had to be re-alined.
Posted by MRL4403 on November 30, 2017 
My question is how can you drive a locomotive onto (or into in this case) a turntable when the track isn't even aligned!
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