Posted by Bob Avery on June 14, 2009 
Super human interest shot, full of activity. Well done.
Posted by David Wheeler on June 14, 2009 
Wow this is a great human interest shot. PCA from me.
Posted by Adam Pizante on June 15, 2009 
One of the best "people shots" I have seen, good job!
Posted by EL ROCO Photography on June 15, 2009 
Thank you for the comments. I am glad this was accepted to the data base since it is indicative of the type of railroad photography that most appeals to my personal style - trains and the people that make them go.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on June 15, 2009 
Nice use of shallow DoF to enhance the story.
Posted by James C. Smith, Jr. on June 15, 2009 
Yes, this is a very dramatic and interesting study. Unfortunately, it is a shame that today, Amtrak's new photo policy, prohibits such photography unless you are just boarding or detraining.
Posted by EL ROCO Photography on June 15, 2009 
The platform and all the area to the left of the signal in the background is owned by the City of Fullerton, and to right of the signal including the last three feet of the cement towards the tracks, by BNSF. Consequently, the only part of the entire picture where Amtrak's recent photo policy can apply is on the actual train that is standing in the station and the ticket office that is to the left and out of frame. As a whole, Fullerton is not an Amtrak facility like Penn Station so we don't have that problem there. Also, as you can see from my Flickr page (look in my profile for the URL) in the set labeled "Train Stations," Amtrak does not really enforce the current policy at Fullerton, or on the Pacific Surfliners. Once again, thanks for the comments!
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