Posted by on June 8, 2009 
Nicely done. The campfire is the icing on the cake. Favorite + PCA vote from me.
Posted by on June 8, 2009 
Very stunning shot, Franklin. A rare PCA from me.
Posted by Randy Johnson on June 8, 2009 
Looks like lotsa fun!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on June 8, 2009 
One of the best light streak shots ever - more then a train shot, a capture of a moment in time. I agree, the campfire adds much to the composition. PC vote in lieu of a missed SC.
Posted by on June 8, 2009 
Whats the name of this campground? I'd like to visit.
Posted by Ray Peacock on June 8, 2009 
I like the way the tree branches are lit up by the headlight, and yes, the campfire adds much too.
Posted by Adam Pizante on June 22, 2009 
Well done, love the "summer feel of the image!
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