Posted by Ky.CatFan on June 5, 2009 
Number 8339 is still in "Clinchfield" paint at the time pf the accident, but may have been renumbered. The black unit at the right side of the photo has very faint lettering, but An E and COAS are barely visible, thus it is probably an ex- Seaboard Coast Line unit.
Posted by Jeffrey Carlyle on June 6, 2009 
Thomas has previously posted another view of this accident as photo ID 15526. How these locomotives ended up like this has intrigued me ever since seeing Thomas' earlier photograph.
Posted by Doug Wolfe on June 6, 2009 
Great photo Tom.
Posted by michael carlisle on June 7, 2009 
Number 3001 is a BQ23-7 only 25 were built.
Posted by Frank Orona on June 7, 2009 
Actually only 10 BQ23-7's were ever built for the SCL.
Posted by Don Oltmann on June 9, 2009 
The black locomotive is and SCL SD45-2. You can tell by the fan spacing.
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