Posted by L N Peterson on May 31, 2009 
What a unique photo. It just doesn't seem real. Very cool.
Posted by Marty Bernard on May 31, 2009 
Excellent. PCA from me.
Posted by Stephen Jones on May 31, 2009 
A fantastic pan shot, Joseph! PCA vote from me, too.
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on May 31, 2009 
Great shot, Joseph. Glad to see the image was accepted.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 31, 2009 
Ridiculously sharp, great subject and background choice. 1/6th with a Powershot Camera - not bad at all!
Posted by Jim Bartolotta on May 31, 2009 
Very creative. PCA vote from me as well.
Posted by Stephen Dance on June 1, 2009 
Warp Speed Cap'n - great fun and very well executed
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on June 1, 2009 
Fantastic background - totally abstracted and yet clearly an urban scene.
Posted by Adam Pizante on June 8, 2009 
Wow, thats a very creative, as well as colorful shot, very nice!
Posted by Jim Thias on June 8, 2009 
Once a rejection, now a PCA....and well-deserved. The graphics just POP off the side of the tram, which really contrasts nicely with the blurred background. It almost looks surreal.
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on June 8, 2009 
WOW, I missed this one the first time through. Sweet job it really turned out perfect, I like how you can see the people inside too. Congrats on PC!
Posted by Joe Dailey on June 8, 2009 
This is an EXCEPTIONAL exposure
Posted by EL ROCO Photography on June 14, 2009 
Looks like a toy, except I've been on it. Good bokeh and the colors are excellent too. Really nice.
Posted by R.R. Conway on July 21, 2009 
Wow! A night pan shot. This is very difficult to achieve with available light. Outstanding photo, one of the best I've ever seen!
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