Posted by Yulay_cc on May 25, 2009 
Nice job Ian. It seems you have plenty of train photo collections that you haven't shown to us. And this legendary locomotive looks so elegant.
Posted by Ky.CatFan on May 25, 2009 
This is something special, buried under this locomotive in all of that black shadow there appears to be three trucks. I can't tell much about the end trucks except that they have drop equalizers. The center truck is clearer and is an AAR type B truck as used on RS-2s . I can not tell if the end trucks are of two or three axles. Very few locomotives were built with three trucks. This is a very long engine and with that center truck the fuel tank has to be in the frame as was done with the Baldwin Centerpeeds .
Posted by Ky.CatFan on May 27, 2009 
Upon further consideration it's just possible that the front and rear truck under this locomotive could be very similar to the front and rear trucks on the locomotive in photo ID:252287, either with or without the pilot axles. I would love to see a side on view of this loco with a lower sun angle. I do find photos of U.S. or Canadian built export locos, or those locos built in the country of use under license of Alco, EMD, or General Electric, to be very interesting.
Posted by MBSPfoto on June 22, 2014 
Very interesting photo Ian. In GE's early years they did do a lot of cooperative projects with ALCO so this beautiful locomotive makes perfect sense. And I can see very clearly the carbody desighn 'roots' of which GE carried on to the 1960's built Thai/SRT UM12C's and in the US, the White Pass & Yukon narrow guage 'Shovelnose' units. Glad to say, along with this example here, bot the SRT fleet and the WP&Y's are still in daily service now in 2014!
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