Posted by on May 11, 2009 
Good timing for all parties involved there - nicely captured.
Posted by Rich Kaminsky on May 11, 2009 
No this is excellent timing, and a bit of luck also!
Posted by Stephen Jones on May 11, 2009 
Excellent timing! Will this also be seen on :)
Posted by Greg Poston on May 11, 2009 
Great photo content! Planes and trains, just need some interesting (non-stereotypical) cars, but it appears that there's no road nearby. That is really a peculiar design for an airplane.
Posted by Charles Bonville on May 11, 2009 
Astounding!! Must be time to play the lottery! ;-)
Posted by on May 12, 2009 
You can thank your lucky stars for that Graham -- great capture- I am envious.
Posted by Jeff Sell on May 13, 2009 
Graham - Wow, this is a fabulous photo that words just cannot express! You successfully captured the old and the new in an awesome setting! Excellent photo. Thanks for sharing this gem.
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