Posted by Travis Dewitz on May 4, 2009 
Posted by Andy Toms on May 4, 2009 
Stunning glint!
Posted by Jim Thias on May 4, 2009 
One of the most unique glint shots I've ever seen. This definitely gets a PCA vote.
Posted by on May 4, 2009 
Very Nice!
Posted by Stephen Dance on May 4, 2009 
Amazing glint - PCA from here
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 4, 2009 
Stunning! Nothing but glint. PC.
Posted by James Belmont on May 4, 2009 
Terrific shot, John. Nicely done.
Posted by Craig Williams on May 4, 2009 
Wow picture perfect glint shot. Cool how everything is black except the train. PCA vote here John!
Posted by Praminto Nugroho on May 4, 2009 
Nicely composed. Love the glint on the whole train. Congrats and PCA vote from me.
Posted by Cinderpath on May 4, 2009 
This is truly spectacular John!
Posted by Darren Megowan on May 4, 2009 
Quite possibly the best glint ever John! The bar has officially been raised.
Posted by Ryan Dadgari on May 4, 2009 
The best glint shot I've ever seen, hands down! Great work John! You got a PCA from me!
Posted by Nscalemike on May 4, 2009 
Way to go John...very impressive and inspiring bit of craftsmanship. My vote for PCA
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on May 4, 2009 
Very Nice, I like how only the train and the rails are highlighted.
Posted by Steve Carter on May 4, 2009 
Extraordinary! Hats off to you John!
Posted by Brian Sellers on May 4, 2009 
Wow, what an outstanding photo; another winner John!
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on May 5, 2009 
Wow John, I'm sure you;ll get many MANY more positive comments but I must add in my two cents. Even though this image just SCREAMS SF Giants (black and orange colors) - you've captured such an amazing, magical time of day at Ludlow in this photograph. The train's snaking shape with perfect train glint vs. contrasting dark landscape and silhouetted hill/sky all work perfectly together. I'd love to see some talented artist try to paint this - naw, I'll just order a Benner print!
Posted by Samuel Phillips on May 5, 2009 
Very nice photo! PCA from me!
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on May 6, 2009 
A very impressive glint image to say the least. Great job.
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on May 7, 2009 
Absolute work, absolutely impressive
Posted by Snowy on May 7, 2009 
Absolutely stunning! This photo defies words. Its why I love watching trains.
Posted by Dave Toussaint on May 9, 2009 
I know what it's like to wait out there for the last light to get a shot, excellent shot. Then there's the dreaded drive home in the dark! I'm trying to figure what you were on top off too?
Posted by Simon Barratt on May 10, 2009 
This is a quite stunning image. It must have been a one in a million shot for timing of the light in the setting sun?? Fantastic!
Posted by David Nutter on June 5, 2009 
Posted by Steve Crise on August 19, 2009 
I'm late to the party on this one, but I just wanted to say that this is truly a stunning shot. - Steve Crise
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