Posted by Travis Dewitz on April 25, 2009 
Just stunning! PCA vote.
Posted by Nscalemike on April 25, 2009 
Super cool looking image hit another one out of the park!
Posted by W. D. Shaw on April 25, 2009 
Simply, one of the most amazing and dramatic shots I've ever seen! Bravo!
Posted by James Belmont on April 25, 2009 
Wow, excellent shot, Darren. You've raised the bar once again.
Posted by Michael Biehn on April 25, 2009 
How is this not a Screener's Choice, Editor's choice, whatever? Just Beautiful!
Posted by Hill 57 on April 25, 2009 
INCREDIBLE! I too am also puzzled as how this didn't make screeners choice.
Posted by M.L.Gabert on April 25, 2009 
Stunning sunset/glint shot, one of the best I've seen. PCA vote!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on April 25, 2009 
I agree with everything that has been said above. Everything. PC, should've been an SC, could be an EC? Superb!
Posted by Steven M. Welch on April 25, 2009 
Splendid shot, Darren. I think all the previous comments have spoken for me. PCA.
Posted by Vic. Louie on April 25, 2009 
A great shot Darren.
Posted by Jan Hart on April 25, 2009 
Very stunning Darren, definitely a nominee for POW.
Posted by Shawn Vermillion on April 25, 2009 
It's stunning and one of my top favorites. I also can not believe this is not a screeners choice photo.....
Posted by Adam Pizante on April 26, 2009 
Darren, you nailed this shot man, PCA vote here!
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on April 26, 2009 
WOW, to think this beauty of an image was just taken a few hours ago and already has over a dozen comments! Still don't understand why some AWESOME deserving images don't make the screeners choice list. Darren, your photo is above and beyond the other Sandcut sunset images because of many factors. Love how the sun is poking out under the partially cloudy skies in the distance giving a nice low horizon, moisture-induced orange glow. This glow color then perfectly silhouettes the cantilever signal, telelphone poles, grade crossing lights and of course the BNSF subject - a Warbonnet too! Those beautiful see-through cloud formations up above complete the photo.
Posted by Rich Clark on April 26, 2009 
Darren, what a super all around shot from the clarity, composition and some cooperation from Mother Nature too! Well done and keep 'em coming.
Posted by Craig Williams on April 26, 2009 
It is so hard to get good sunset pictures. Most of the time it comes down to timing. Great timing here, cool signals, and location. PCA vote here, great work!
Posted by Cinderpath on April 26, 2009 
This gets my vote all the way around!
Posted by Ryan Dadgari on April 26, 2009 
Darren - You already know how I feel about this photo, but I will say it again! Absolutely Stunning. A perfectly executed photo! :) You get my vote for PCA. I must say that I am a bit disappointed in the fact that this shot did not get a Screener's Choice, but I am sure it will get a PCA. You just don't get shots like this every day! This is by far one of the best sunset shots I’ve seen, and the others you haven’t posted yet! Maybe one of the site admins or the owners will rethink this one and give it the POTW or Editor's Choice.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on April 27, 2009 
We've all heard of the gods of railfanning, but wow, I'd make a deal with the railfanning devils for a sunset shot like that! What a photo.
Posted by Jim Husband on April 28, 2009 
Another PCA vote from this direction Darren. Spectacular scene and you nailed it.
Posted by cz17 on April 28, 2009 
Great shot Darren - timing was right on the money
Posted by Dean Kaplan on April 29, 2009 
I am just stunned how awesome this shot is Darren! The sunset, old signal bridge, and the train make this a great POTW!!
Posted by Steve Carter on April 29, 2009 
Excellent execution! Truly a fantastic photo, Bakersfield never looked better!
Posted by EL ROCO Photography on April 29, 2009 
Posted by Jeff Abbott on April 29, 2009 
Kudos Darren! I echo all the above comments. I've seen the SC get picked up the next time around more than once....
Posted by Jim Thias on April 29, 2009 
I have a feeling this is going to be on the front page for a couple of weeks. The train gods were definitely smiling down upon you. :-)
Posted by Mark Perry on May 2, 2009 
Incredible talent!
Posted by Joshua Bauer on May 3, 2009 
Perfect sunset photo. Looks like the sun and the clouds loved you in this one! The signal's a nice touch.
Posted by on May 4, 2009 
Beautiful image Darren.
Posted by Chuck Rippel on September 15, 2009 
Outstanding creativity and use of light. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by PhantomRailfan on February 9, 2022 
Aaaand... ITS OUT OF THE PARK! Beautiful and remarkable photo Darren!
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