Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on April 18, 2009 
Nice shot. Looking around, there is the symmetry of the injectors, the perforated vacuum brake, the regulator that seems out of reach and the reverser where you crank-in your cut-off. Out of place is the black plastic knob that controls...what? With mostly metal everywhere, wooden backless seats and being open to the elements, I don't think this cab will be mistaken for a "comfort cab" anytime soon.!
Posted by Jeff Sell on April 18, 2009 
Graham - Thanks for sharing this view of the cab interior. She sure looks clean.
Posted by Owen Chapman on April 20, 2009 
The Black nob - as well as the grey mounting next to the reverser are a new item - It is the automatic air brake valve (reconditioned from a retired 1960's diesel) as this engine now have both type of braking system for working trains on the UK mainline.
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