Posted by Rui Nunes on February 28, 2009 
An awesome piece of railroading history! Stunning, congratulations ;)
Posted by Nscalemike on February 28, 2009 
A real classic Clark! Love the way the angle of the sun is on your subject.
Posted by Jim Barton on February 28, 2009 
As was said, what a stunning photo. The difference between this and what we see today is unbelievable. Thanks for posting it.
Posted by Jon Wisnieski on February 28, 2009 
Posted by Jeff Abbott on February 28, 2009 
Looking good Clark! Too bad that time keeps marching on...
Posted by KWestRail on February 28, 2009 
Beautiful! Just Beautiful. Hard to believe that Amtrak was needed with a train that Long!
Posted by Charles Freericks on February 28, 2009 
That's a scene I really would have loved to have seen. Thanks for capturing it so beautifully for us, Clark.
Posted by Karl Dahlquist on March 1, 2009 
Great picture Clark!
Posted by J. Morton on February 12, 2013 
I believe this is the locomotive on some of the Athearn Model Trains boxes. Great photo.
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