Posted by BMARK99USA on February 20, 2009 
That's amazing.
Posted by Ozzz on February 20, 2009 
Holy cow! If that was one train that would be a LOT of horsepower. Great catch!
Posted by andy parr on February 20, 2009 
That is almost as many deisel locos as UK railways own?
Posted by J. Randall Banks on February 20, 2009 
Just imagine seeing this coming down the track if you were a block from home!
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on February 20, 2009 
UP locomotives as far as the eye can see. It's a shame to see these locomotives in a deadline. Great photo though.
Posted by Adam Vester on February 20, 2009 
Just a sign of the times i guess...
Posted by David Nutter on February 20, 2009 
So mean they will be sold or as possible be scrap? And, but looking at UP SD70M looking as great engines but why UP doing that!?
Posted by on February 20, 2009 
I'd imagine that's a LUGO (laid up good order) line, not a dead line... they'll be ready to work again, someday.
Posted by Steve Schmollinger on February 20, 2009 
Wow, that is a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNG LUGO line, just like the one in Ft. Worth at Centennial (aka "Davidson") Yard. Nice catch!
Posted by Joseph LeMay on February 20, 2009 
That is about two miles of locomotives and well over half a million horsepower. Multiply that by the numerous yards across the country with LUGO units, and you can see how bad the economy truly is.
Posted by omahadivision on February 20, 2009 
I write down every UP number I see in person, with the goal of eventually seeing every unit. Even though the units in the picture are dead-lined, I would love to be there and just walk down all two miles of them!
Posted by on February 20, 2009 
If anyone doubts the economy is in bad shape tell to look at this picture.
Posted by Vic. Louie on February 20, 2009 
What a shot.
Posted by Jason Myers on February 20, 2009 
Dang! Thats alot of engines in one spot!
Posted by Steven M. Welch on February 21, 2009 
A friend drove along them last weekend, and he got 1.6 miles of units in that line. Nice catch.
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on February 21, 2009 
YIKES!!! Well whether you voted for him or not, lets hope the President can lead us through this crisis.
Posted by Ken Huard on February 21, 2009 
Great shot but that is seriously scary. Any idea how many locos?
Posted by Milton Moore on February 22, 2009 
Wow, what an investment tied up and not generating any revenue. Consider each unit is worth between $1.3 TO 2.6 million, depending on model and vintage, it doesn't take much thought to see what a huge investment capital is sitting there--IDLE! As others have commented, its scary indeed.
Posted by pierre fournier on February 22, 2009 
WOW ! the economic crisis hits really hard.
Posted by Tom Frederick on February 27, 2009 
I had ten units on an MFIHK out of Fife, Washington a couple of days ago. I only needed two to pull the train. More than four locomotives is a pain in the neck, insofar as getting the driver brakes to set-up and release. It took nearly a full minute to begin moving from the point at which I released the independent brake until the rear locomotive's brake actually did release. I can't imagine trying to move this many locomotives at one time.
Posted by Dave Toussaint on February 27, 2009 
The line is exactly 1.7 miles long as of this week.
Posted by on February 27, 2009 
I saw a very similar scene at the UP Roseville yard, just past Sacramento, in November 2008. I drove a road alongside the yard and saw over a mile of idle locomotives.
Posted by Shelley H. on March 3, 2009 
Well the other day I counted 118 locos in that line.......Those engines will run again, its just a matter of time.
Posted by Zachary Hastings on October 12, 2009 
Dang!! What an investment tied up there!! I hope the economy is better soon to get some of these locomotives off the 'deadline'..
Posted by Marty Melville on January 14, 2011 
OK, how many locos would you need to pull this train?
Posted by Ken Albrecht on October 5, 2011 
I think enclosed tri-level autoracks would be a less expensive railfan fence. Gold-plated railroad.....?
Posted by Avery Williams on July 7, 2012 
Now that is Power! Nice!
Posted by Avery Williams on July 7, 2012 
Now that is Power! Nice!
Posted by oldninjadude on October 31, 2012 
Maybe next year, we won't see so many locos setting idle.
Posted by John Edwards on January 9, 2014 
This is a photo of stored locomotives in the receiving yard at West Colton on the UP.
Posted by Carl on November 25, 2015 
I'd like to have one for my backyard.
Posted by l1011driver on June 19, 2016 
Unfortunately, hardly any of those SD70M's were scrapped.
Posted by WarthogCC on January 14, 2017 
Time to go shopping. Railroad museums open your pocketbooks! Or rich people that want their own loco.
Posted by Carl on August 18, 2020 
With a string of 5 cars at the
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