Posted by Charles Freericks on February 15, 2009 
Sweet shot, Jim...
Posted by Mitch Goldman on February 15, 2009 
Jim - you are an inspiration. Awesome capture. Keep it up and Michigan will certainly move up on Trains list of best places to shoot trains! Rounding off my PC choices for the week. Nice job!
Posted by David Honan on February 15, 2009 
Beautiful capture, Jim -- definitely worthy of being an SC!
Posted by Doug Wolfe on February 15, 2009 
Great shot. Well done.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on February 15, 2009 
Great looking shot, Jim. Nice shadow.
Posted by Steven M. Welch on February 15, 2009 
Nice shot Jimbo! GEVO's do look good in the snow, glad to see it made it in. I'll go with what Uncle Mitch says, thank you for rounding off my PC votes for the week.
Posted by Carl Becker on February 15, 2009 
Nice one here Jim.
Posted by Ray Peacock on February 15, 2009 
Nice effort Jim.
Posted by Darren Megowan on February 15, 2009 
Excellent image Jim! PCA vote from me.
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on February 15, 2009 
Agreed, beautiful scene that's new and fresh to my west coast eyes. Great rule of thirds composition and the image is really crisp and sharp. I love all those snowy bare limbs and the loco really pops. PCA vote from me and lets hope Tuesday afternoon we find this to be what IMO is the second highest honor as well. I hope to hear more background about this shot.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on February 16, 2009 
Another 'gem' from the K-zoo River basin! Nice shot Jim.
Posted by David Nutter on February 16, 2009 
Great winter shot!
Posted by K.E.Nelson on February 16, 2009 
Great shot, Thats gona be hard to beat
Posted by Jeff Abbott on February 17, 2009 
Congrats on the SCA Jim!! I'm still trying to get there... lol Killer contrast on your shot with that wedgie slicing through the scene.
Posted by Steve Carter on February 18, 2009 
Glad you decided to post this. Quite impressive, good composition, nice light!
Posted by John Kloczkowski on February 20, 2009 
Excellent composition Jim.
Posted by Trevor Harris on February 21, 2009 
Great shot. Jim, Makes me wish we had somewhere in Australia that trains run in the snow.
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