Posted by Gerald Oliveto on January 11, 2009 
Great shot and great catch, Charles. Two years into Conrail and the CNJ Main is still in tact. Its only a shadow of its former self these days...
Posted by Marty Bernard on January 11, 2009 
That looks like the U.S. DOT symbol on the rear flank and that somebody covered up the PC on the side with black paper.
Posted by Todd Keyser on January 12, 2009 
That symbol on the rear flank is the NJDOT logo. These were the days before New Jersey Transit.
Posted by Bob Brennecke on January 12, 2009 
I remember these on the New York and Long Branch, now NJT North Jersey Coast Line. The station is similar to that of the brick structures in Asbury Park. It was great when they came but sooooooo cold waiting when they did not. Thanks for posting.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 8, 2011 
I have to get here one day - unfortunately, the day I'd like most to do so would be some 50 years ago. Nice shot, Charles!
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