Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 30, 2008 
West of Philadelphia 1962... could be a K-mart today. Wild nostalgic shot, wish I was then. I mean "there". : )
Posted by J Gilbert on December 30, 2008 
Nice shot, John! Look at all that head end traffic, and the RPO a few cars back. Those really were the good old days on the Mainline. I believe this photo was taken in Bryn Mawr from the North Merion Avenue bridge, looking west. I went to Google Maps to check satellite views, and it's really the only spot that matches all the details. The red brick apartment building on the north (right) side of the tracks is still there today. Unique round catenary poles help ID this as the Mainline. You can see this bridge in the background of my picture number 264913. Google satellite views show that it was under reconstruction recently.
Posted by Rick Erben on December 31, 2008 
I agree with the Bryn Mawr location. Train is probably No.50 - The Admiral - due past at 12:06pm DST and coming out of the curve at Rosemont station. The cat poles definitely narrow it down to Overbrook to Paoli; a 180 degree view should be the high eastward home signals for Bryn Mawr interlocking beyond the overhead bridge. At this time there were approx. 20-25 freight trains daily operating through here and some 140 trains including the Paoli locals.
Posted by Doug Wolfe on December 31, 2008 
Great classic photo.
Posted by SD45-Lady on January 6, 2009 
Oh, what a great sight it is for my soul!
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