Posted by Nick McLean on December 4, 2008 
Beautiful shot, Bob!
Posted by Wim Ameele on December 4, 2008 
It's a shot that was even worth seeing without a train. Of course the train makes it only better :-)
Posted by Stephen Dance on December 5, 2008 
Really nice lighting - and good composition too
Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on December 5, 2008 
It is nice seeing winter shots from the UK. Excellent work!
Posted by on December 5, 2008 
A delightful, subtle image and a pleasure for the eyes
Posted by Mark Rosnick on December 5, 2008 
Superb photo Bob. Great composition
Posted by James Hunt on December 5, 2008 
Great shot Bob, reminds me a lot of the frosty winter mornings here in Australia :)
Posted by John West on December 6, 2008 
I can only echo what has already been said. Very nice.
Posted by AJP on December 6, 2008 
Great shot, glad we have had some snow this year in the UK last winter was a let down!
Posted by Kent Nelson on December 9, 2008 
PCA for me Bob. Great work.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 10, 2008 
I can only echo what John West said!
Posted by Michael F. Allen on January 4, 2009 
Lovely shot Bob. Makes you wish for steam though!
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