Posted by Frank Jolin on November 23, 2008 
Another nice one from the perch Gary!
Posted by J J Schrader on November 23, 2008 
This is a great photo and a worthy choice for a PCA!
Posted by Travis Dewitz on November 23, 2008 
Great composition!
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on November 24, 2008 
I'd hate to see a derailment occur in this location. Very nice photo.
Posted by Scott Markloff on November 24, 2008 
Gary, your work with strobe lights is getting quite proficient, this picture even looks like a daytime picture:) Nicely done.
Posted by Tinghey Chou on November 24, 2008 
Great photo! What is that in the water?
Posted by Ric Hamilton on November 24, 2008 
Looks like a kayaker to me. I really need to get down there and find this place sometime. Beautiful colour Gary
Posted by Michael Burlaga on November 24, 2008 
Two CP junkers yet an absolutely beautiful photograph!
Posted by Sylvain Lacroix on December 6, 2008 
What a wonderful picture. That's very nice. I like this cliché with the Canadian Pacific train moving along rocks walls in the Adirondack Mountains State Park and move along the Lake Champlain shore. Amazing.
Posted by - on February 20, 2010 
Great photo, could you email me on the specifics of the location? And by the way, I found this photo on flickr that was taken on the bridge right before this area. They are the kayakers- funny! I frequent the area and know up by Keeseville & Port Douglass and have even walked down to the first trestle, but never been down this far. Here is the photo:
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