Posted by W. D. Shaw on November 18, 2008 
I have to admit it does illustrate the mechanics of the beast a lot better than a drawing and it's always good when a vintage loco is saved from scrapping, but it still pains me to see a once proud machine splayed open like that. That being said, it's still an excellent picture considering the difficulties with lighting and reflections you must have had to overcome. Good work!
Posted by Nick McLean on November 18, 2008 
Wow! That's excellent, Graham. Great work on the photo and super subject. I've seen a smaller, less complicated loco done is such a fashion, but not to this extent. Being a medical student I now really appreciate learning through dissection. If you have any detail shots, you should post those too! Cheers.
Posted by Kevin Madore on November 18, 2008 
I second the comments of the other folks. Getting a museum shot like this of a complex subject...and getting it so evenly's a tall order and you've pulled it off in fine fashion Graham. I too hate to see such a beautiful machine chopped up, but far better to see her used as a tool to educate the young folks than as scrap iron. This is a classic case of a picture truly being worth a thousand words.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 18, 2008 
I'll concur - awesome subject, awesome capture. I've seen cut aways and I've seen rotating drivers, but till now, I've never seen both.
Posted by Jan Hart on November 18, 2008 
What a magnificent scene this locomotive cadaver reveals, If found myself just staring at the details that your well thought out photo. I agree that it's a shame that it no longer runs, but none the less, 35029 will live to teach others of the marvels of steam. If you have any, show us more detail shots. Good Work!
Posted by Chris Crook on November 18, 2008 
With the strength of the British preservation movement, you never know, someone might get the urge to put it back together and get it back on the main line!
Posted by FortSteeleFireman on November 19, 2008 
Well they must of had a reason why they chose this particular locomotive. Most likely she was just too far gone to restore so they decided to use her for education. They did a damn good job with it.
Posted by on November 19, 2008 
As visitor from the States, I too have seen this locomotive. I can vouchsafe the difficulties regarding capturing a uncluttered, evenly lit image. I'm jealous! I quickly got past the pain and found it fascinating. I find this exhibit's mission to be very important. While we railfans may rightfully cringe, the bigger issue of edification for the public at large (and not just children) about the railways must continuously go on. Well done Graham!
Posted by Jeff Sell on November 20, 2008 
This has to be the best learning tool I have ever come across for studying steam locomotive internals! Thanks for sharing this picture.
Posted by Josie Fowler on December 4, 2008 
Rather see it running.
Posted by Troy Staten on July 15, 2013 
That is really neat, I would really like to take a trip to England to see this and the rest of the Museum.
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