Posted by Travis Dewitz on November 9, 2008 
Incredible Shot!
Posted by Scott McClarrinon on November 9, 2008 
Sometimes first impression seems lousy, but later on you realize it really is a beauty. Good job with the tricky lighting and a nice train!
Posted by Nscalemike on November 9, 2008 
Gorgeous image vote for PCA
Posted by Steve Carter on November 9, 2008 
Certainly not the typical "Trinidad" shot! Great use of less than perfect light.
Posted by - on November 9, 2008 
Wow.... powerful shot. I am just blown away from the contrast. Thank you for sharing, Ross!
Posted by Stephen Dance on November 9, 2008 
Very nicely done - great lighting
Posted by Andrew Kim on November 9, 2008 
What a beautiful shot Ross. I love the contract, the hazy fog, and the use of Black and White colors. Great shot and deserves a PCA from me.
Posted by Andrew Kim on November 9, 2008 
Sorry from the previous post, but I would have voted for PCA if it was there.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on November 10, 2008 
Very nice shot Ross. A lot of my best shots were ones I initially didn't care for.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on November 10, 2008 
PCA vote from me!
Posted by Cinderpath on November 23, 2008 
This is a classic Western B&W landscape, showing good lighting, composition and the landscape-Cheers!
Posted by Steve Crise on December 23, 2008 
Reminds me of a Gary Benson shot from the 70's. As always, great to see B&W on this site! - Steve Crise
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