Posted by Ken Kuehne on November 4, 2008 
I hate seeing pictures like this. I remember when the article on Tennessee Pass appeared in Trains Magazine. I wanted to visit there so bad, but I was only 12 when they shut it down. Leaving the tracks in like that is just like UP is taunting me with it!
Posted by Chase Zickefoose on November 4, 2008 
As sad as that site is, it's great to see UP holding on to it. So many railroads rip the track up and sell off the land as soon as they stop operating a line. Capacity constraints may some day bring this line back into use! Great foresight on UP's part.
Posted by Kleetus on November 4, 2008 
It shows a large amount of foresight on UP's part. True some repair will be needed, but depending on the health of the country, rail may be our only hope, if we're still allowed to use it. Scrap is worth more today than it was 12 years ago as well. Win win as far as UP is concerned. Still hate to see it site idle though.
Posted by on November 5, 2008 
Hi from Costa Rica. The place resembles the also abandoned track along the Reventazón River. We railfans go with the feeling that this is an insult to our sight. But there's always hope that someday, these places will revive. You know, for some reason UP hasn't lifted the tracks after more than ten years.
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