Posted by on October 30, 2008 
Awesome shot. Very nice green grass and the wind mills... almost looks the opening scene to Telletubbies (my nephew watched that when he was a baby).
Posted by Travis Dewitz on October 30, 2008 
Incredible Shot!
Posted by Nscalemike on October 30, 2008 
Nice looking image Donald....I am sure the area is brown and dry now.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 31, 2008 
Beautiful lighting, nice composition, and excellent clarity.
Posted by - on October 31, 2008 
Great job!
Posted by Greg Hool on October 31, 2008 
Beautiful shot! That landscape is quite impressive.
Posted by Trainmasterrob on October 31, 2008 
Sweet shot! I love how the train is contorting through the landscape.
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on November 3, 2008 
Beautiful location. I love the windmills in the background and this nice green hills.
Posted by Scott McClarrinon on November 10, 2008 
Wonderful shot, Don. As winter is approaching us nowadays, this photo is going to make me with for spring!
Posted by JNB on May 2, 2009 
Great shot Don.
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