Posted by Nick Palazini on October 29, 2008 
Fantastic shot, Joe!
Posted by Christopher Blaszczyk on October 29, 2008 
Great shot, Joe. I was looking forward to getting similar snow shots this winter, but your shot makes me want to crawl back under the covers. PCA vote from me.
Posted by Kevin Ashbaugh on October 30, 2008 
Yes, PCA vote. Winter 2008/2009 has arrived...finally.
Posted by John Kloczkowski on October 30, 2008 
Very nice photo Joe.
Posted by Janet Cottrell on November 1, 2008 
This picture would make a great Christmas card!
Posted by Donald Haskel on November 7, 2008 
I was thinking the snow made the lead unit look like a GP30. Then I realized it is a GP30. You can never predict when the first snow will fall on the St. Lawrence Division.
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