Posted by - on October 23, 2008 
Very well done, Mitch!
Posted by Nick McLean on October 23, 2008 
Awesome as always Mitch! Apparently the SC button is broken today, so I'll give you a well earned PC.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on October 23, 2008 
Great pan shot, Mitch. I hope you get a little something for advertising for them! lol
Posted by Mark Rosnick on October 23, 2008 
"Pan-master" strikes again. Nice shot Mitch
Posted by Praminto Nugroho on October 23, 2008 
Excellent panning shot, Mitch. The engine is very sharp.
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on October 23, 2008 
I am wondering how the new rodless design is working out? Nicely done!
Posted by Charles Freericks on October 23, 2008 
Hold on a moment... I'll post my comment once I manage to pull my jaw back up from the floor.
Posted by Run8diesel on October 23, 2008 
Mr. Goldman, you've done it again!
Posted by Dave Blaze... on October 23, 2008 
One of, if not the, best steam shot I've seen on RPN. Unbelievable work Mitch....I'd love to get you to teach me how to do this some day.
Posted by Steve Carter on October 23, 2008 
Posted by andy parr on October 24, 2008 
Amazing shot,well done.
Posted by Adam Christman (Penn Rail Videos) on October 24, 2008 
Great action!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on October 24, 2008 
Once again Mitch, this pan shot never ceases to amaze me! Awesome shot!
Posted by Andy Toms on October 24, 2008 
Truly amazing work, Mitch! PCA vote from me.
Posted by Brandon Coccarelli on October 24, 2008 
Amazing Shot, One of the best I've seen!!
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on October 24, 2008 
Absolute work again! But this is more spacial than another.
Posted by Nigel Curtis on October 24, 2008 
Nice one, you've done it again Mitch. Excellent
Posted by Donald Haskel on October 24, 2008 
This is one of those old Woolworth Marx Trains. I used to have one I know. This is really another teriffic one Mitch. very striking image. Blue engine with foliage is what makes it.
Posted by David Godwin on October 24, 2008 
Great shot... utterly fantastic. The caption states "since December, 2008" is a future date we have not yet had - this is October 2008. With "since" being past tense, should that be some past year - perhaps December 2006 or December 2007. Just how long has it been? A one year project? Two years? Just slightly perplexed on my end.
Posted by Harald Schmitz on October 25, 2008 
awesome, great work. Mitch!!!!!
Posted by Scott Markloff on November 3, 2008 
Congrats on the PCA. It was worth the wait for it to be posted.
Posted by Michael F. Allen on November 3, 2008 
1/6 second and no visible rods....hmmm. A little quick math and it looks like she's going about 25 mph. That's one amazing pan Mitch. Congrats on PCA.
Posted by Erick Anderson on November 4, 2008 
The advertisement on the canteen tender is pretty clever. I know it would work in my case.
Posted by Steve Crise on December 23, 2008 
I've been away from this site for too long, I have missed a lot of great stuff, this shot being one of them!!! Looks almost toy like - and I mean that in a good way. - Steve Crise
Posted by Carl Kulzer on August 5, 2017 
Fantastic pan shot. The locomotive is so colorful it almost looks like a model.PCA from me. Thanks for posting this beautiful image.
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