Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 23, 2008 
A nicely executed photo in many ways, most noteworthy, composition and exposure.
Posted by on October 23, 2008 
Excellent work sir.
Posted by - on October 23, 2008 
Great job, John!
Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on October 24, 2008 
Thanks to please my eyes with this nice view of New York. I like the contrast between the cold blue shadow and the warm yellowish sky.
Posted by CK Dan on October 24, 2008 
Great job. Beautiful picture
Posted by Nick DAmato (Diamond D) on October 24, 2008 
One of the best "transit" shots on here, well done!
Posted by Michael F. Allen on November 5, 2008 
This is a really nice shot. Great colors, and excellent detail in the darkness. Plus the usual John Ryan great composition and interesting location!
Posted by Travis Dewitz on January 29, 2009 
Very nice shot! I missed this one.
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