Posted by Bart Davis on October 9, 2008 
Good Old coal fired days.....
Posted by Scott McClarrinon on October 9, 2008 
Whoa! Environmentally embarrassing or not, I still would want to see a show like this. Great photo!
Posted by Maddie Farnsworth on October 9, 2008 
That's what a big powerful steamer is supposed to look like!
Posted by Ken Kuehne on October 9, 2008 
Wow, I'd love to see that too!
Posted by Pete Reynolds on October 9, 2008 
I actually prefer when steam locomotives, especially the big powerful ones, can run clean. Putting out alot of extra black smoke like that does nothing for me.
Posted by Ray Peacock on October 10, 2008 
Holy smokes!
Posted by V.S.Danoff on October 11, 2008 
What a calamity!
Posted by Nikko P on October 12, 2008 
Al Gore would have a heart attack! But yeah, I gotta agree with Pete. I really prefer a cleaner looking exhaust than a solid black.
Posted by hemiadda2d on January 9, 2009 
Gotta love it when they sand the flues! Fabulous smoke show!
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