Posted by Steven M. Welch on September 29, 2008 
RailAmerica has ruined the FEC in my thoughts... This black underframe is horrid!
Posted by Ron Tilley on September 29, 2008 
Well at least this looks a little bit better than the white under frame. I still think they should have kept with the scheme thats on the other FEC units.
Posted by K100DS on September 29, 2008 
I like it, and the black underframe looks way better than the white. My only complaint is the yellow frame stripe... white would have looked better. The "original" paint scheme on the FEC SD70M-2s isn't even an FEC original, it's just a copy of the Alaska Railroad. Give credit where credit is due, folks.
Posted by Kurt Clark on September 29, 2008 
Umm...they're not done painting it, are they? Looks boring!
Posted by Frank Orona on September 30, 2008 
The FRA doesn't allow white reflective stripes or red ones anymore, great shot Thomas.
Posted by David Albers on September 30, 2008 
That's almost to FEC what the barf-bonnet is to BNSF. Uuggh
Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on September 30, 2008 
This livery will not rate high on the list of best locomotive liveries in the world. It is indeed no better than the FEC paint scheme, which still was somehow elegant. I agree that is has ruined the FEC elegance.
Posted by Alex Simins on September 30, 2008 
It looks a lot better than the plagiarized Alaska RR scheme. It was a pretty bold move to copy another railroad's paint scheme in the first place. I am glad that the FEC has been bought out and will now lose their identity.
Posted by Terry Diabo Jr. on September 30, 2008 
Can you all say "B.C. Rail"! Another ripped off paint scheme.
Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on October 2, 2008 
I like it too. The lines of the scheme are actually taken from the original FEC red and yellow. On the new SD70M-2's they kept the design of the lines the same, just changed the color. This one is the same, same lines different colors. It will get Florida East Coast down the side when finished. I look forward to shooting these when they arrive on FEC rails. The FEC is one of best railroads in the USA and I look forward to the new power.
Posted by R.D. NUTTER JR. on October 2, 2008 
I like the classic look it has on a new motor. It looks better in black than white.
Posted by Scooter Hovanec on October 3, 2008 
This is like a real life version of a Tyco loco from the 70's. I don't like the 70M-2's to begin with, and I think that this scheme makes it look even uglier. That yellow stripe just kills it even more. The only good looking thing about it is the American flag.
Posted by Kyle Penn on October 6, 2008 
Looks like a red and white knockoff of the BN exec scheme..horrid colors! Looks like a cheap tyco model train
Posted by Mike Bjork on October 9, 2008 
Well, if you're saying the last FEC scheme is taken from the Alaska RR, then Alaska RR took it from BN. ARR's is a blatant copy of BN Executive. That locomotive's paint looks horrible none the less.
Posted by KWestRail on October 16, 2008 
The locomotive's paint scheme isn't the issue of whether or not it looks ugly, its how the headlights are mounted that gives it a face. If the top headlight is mounted on its forehead, then it has an ugly "pit-bull" face like its UP SD70M predecessors, but if the lights are on the nose like this shot or how BNSF did there's, then it looks ok.
Posted by Zach Pumphery on October 6, 2012 
Posted by Frank Orona on September 30, 2008 The FRA doesn't allow white reflective stripes or red ones anymore, great shot Thomas. For the record, the FRA allows WHITE and YELLOW reflective stripes on freight equipment, and I believe it still allows red on equipment assigned to passenger service.
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