Posted by on September 22, 2008 
Nice shot Jim. I like how you can see some detail of their specialized top-of-car HEP system.
Posted by Ray Peacock on September 22, 2008 
Nice view Jim, the added bonus of cars in a siding gives it an industrious feel.
Posted by Michael Harding on September 22, 2008 
I really like the composition & exposure on this shot - lots to look at and an interesting setting for the train.
Posted by Praminto Nugroho on September 22, 2008 
It's a beautiful picture. The exposure is stands out to me.
Posted by J Douglas Moore on September 25, 2008 
Nice shot with a solid feel to it.............. Looks like the "Crane" is the official "bird" of Grand Rapids just as it is here in Phoenix
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