Posted by Marshall W. Beecher on September 19, 2008 
nice shot, awful paint scheme for these beasts.
Posted by Hill 57 on September 19, 2008 
Looks like a receipt in the window lol
Posted by ohiosouthern on September 19, 2008 
I don't think that paint scheme looks right on these engines. It just looks different like it does not belong, but all in all great shot.
Posted by Andrew Hamblyn on September 19, 2008 
Oh yeah, thats awesome! Love it.
Posted by metraRI on September 19, 2008 
The scheme doesn't look as bad as it first appeared, I guess something you have to get used too, though the scheme does have more potential.
Posted by Chicago Railfan on September 19, 2008 
Not the biggest fan of the new paint scheme, but it will be cool to see large power on a small railroad line. Is that the BICB ethanol train?
Posted by on September 19, 2008 
Great shot! Bad paint scheme, kind of looks like someone put a HO scale nose emblem on an N scale engine. Even cheverons would look better on the front (and back) than this.
Posted by Erick Anderson on September 20, 2008 
Am I weird for actually liking that paint scheme?
Posted by on September 20, 2008 
Nice catch Tom, worth getting up early for.
Posted by David Wheeler on September 20, 2008 
Wow Nice paint scheme love it!
Posted by Prenton on September 20, 2008 
As a brit, I'm probably gonna get lynched for saying this... To my eyes, this is just another hood loco with little to distinguish it from other hood locos, except the paint scheme. I think it looks fantastic, although the version applied to the GP38's and Sd38's looks much better. Thank goodness for freedom of speech!!
Posted by Timothy Hale on September 20, 2008 
I think if the red stripe ran all the way down the long hood that this paint job would look better. I do like it but it could be done a bit better.
Posted by Isaac on September 20, 2008 
Great find. I thought GE did away with the steerable truck option?
Posted by Tanner on September 20, 2008 
I have to agree with Erick Anderson, I like it.
Posted by Steve Schmollinger on September 21, 2008 
We railfan's are alway's pickly when it comes to what colors are on all kinds of railroad locomotives. No wounder railroads and railroad cops don't like railfan's. I think the IAIS Es44AC(gevo's) look great in the Iowa Interstate black' yellow and red. Alex Schmollinger.
Posted by on September 23, 2008 
Love that Lionel style herald! Smeds
Posted by Ray Peacock on September 26, 2008 
Nice catch Tom, looks sharp.
Posted by Andrew Milwee on September 26, 2008 
I like the paint scheme. Adds a little more color to the CSX Dark Future and BNSF Orange Bonnet.
Posted by Michael Link on September 26, 2008 
I might be weird but I think its really sharp, it reminds of of older schemes, I like it better then CSX or UP's lame schemes. But I also like MM tractors (Yellow and Red), I think its sharp. Great Picture. Mike
Posted by Lord Atmo on September 28, 2008 
I like the scheme too. I admit it is lacking in the hood area though. It was supposed to have an IAIS logo above the red stripe there. For some reason, the logo was not added. Still, it's a very nice scheme.
Posted by Glenn Laux on October 1, 2008 
Even though the emblem on the nose is pretty big, its not as bad as what CSX did to there ACe's, you know, HO loco with N scale CSX emblem. Also I think if they were to put stripes on the nose, it would have clashed with the emblem.
Posted by on January 6, 2009 
Nice Catch. I am digging the paint scheme. Good to see somebody besides UP, CSX, BNSF with this power
Posted by Matt Hultman on October 25, 2014 
By far the best paint scheme anyone has put on a GEVO EVER!
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