Posted by Caroline J. on September 18, 2008 
Well worth the trip in Ross. Spectacular shot!
Posted by Billchor on September 18, 2008 
Amazing white trees and an extreme effort to.I think i feel the gold in my bones,Ross. well done !
Posted by SDP45 on September 18, 2008 
Gee Ross, Didja have to freeze us out today? I was liking the 90s we were having today. It was fun being there. Dan
Posted by Steve Carter on September 18, 2008 
Great shot Ross! Did you leave anybody behind getting to the spot?
Posted by Kurt Clark on September 19, 2008 
That's a great picture!
Posted by Ed Mullan on September 19, 2008 
Great shot. It does make me wonder, though, what it would it would be like riding in the cab thru such beauty!
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