Posted by Maddie Farnsworth on September 17, 2008 
That looks strikingly similar to something the Milwaukee Road build out of an old street car truck to move locomotives around their deer lodge MT shop. Very interesting photo, not something you see every day!
Posted by K100DS on September 17, 2008 
Neat little critter. Might it qualify as the world's smallest standard gauge locomotive?
Posted by Nick Resar on September 17, 2008 
I've seen pictures of something similar that the New York Central had at Collinwood for moving engines, and I believe they had more elsewhere.
Posted by Don Oltmann on September 17, 2008 
Ron Delevan (now of the RMD used locomtive lot in Pittston) designed this thing while an electrical engineer at Conrail. (I helped!). The shop referred to it as "The Bug".
Posted by lumpum on September 17, 2008 
Interesting. there are no brake cylinders on the "truck" I wonder how it stops.
Posted by Christopher Anderson on September 17, 2008 
That's awesome! I want one!
Posted by Dave Howarth Jr. on September 18, 2008 
Conrail's now Norfolk Southern's compact helper unit with no room for the engineer or conductor to sit but just to watch. Great Shot!
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