Posted by - on August 29, 2008 
A view that most of us don't get the chance to see every day! Very nice shot, Nick!
Posted by Charlie Wood on August 29, 2008 
Great shot nick! It is a wonder in itself that GE has the expensive equipment to keep these brutes on the cars! Good to see general electric boomin!
Posted by Robert Olson on August 30, 2008 
Hope MRS took out shipping insurance, Interesting shot Thanks for sharing nick
Posted by Pedro Rezende on September 3, 2008 
Very good to see another group of AC44i on way to Brazil. I am wainting them here. Great photo.
Posted by TxBritt on September 3, 2008 
Why put them on flats? Can they not roll themselves down there?
Posted by James Wasney on September 4, 2008 
Those units are used on a different gauge of track, so putting them on the flatcars is necessary.
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