Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on August 27, 2008 
Now thats a wedding.
Posted by chris davis on August 27, 2008 
Great happy photo. Isn't life good without the presence of the 'safety-nannies'??
Posted by Nscalemike on August 27, 2008 
Wow...Thanks for sharing Praminto...btw, do they throw rice at the bride and groom or ballast rock?
Posted by Ky.CatFan on August 27, 2008 
Please notice how clean the loco is, it's like it was washed for the happy occasion. Just how many lights can you put on a locomotive, two headlights, two ditch lights, six marker lights, and two additional red lights (one damaged) just over the coupler. I wish the couple a long and happy life !
Posted by andy parr on August 27, 2008 
Health & safety would go ballistic.
Posted by Fajar Arifianto on August 27, 2008 
Wow.. it's railfan's dreams.. I like it.. Thanks for sharing Mr. Praminto.
Posted by Jim Barton on August 27, 2008 
What an interesting photo. Thanks for sharing it.
Posted by Edja N N on August 28, 2008 
Yes it's a wonderful moment ... Finally you could give a photo of our friend wedding while mine has been rejected so manytimes by screeners, changing the cloudy background become blue is a verygood way ...Bravo Mr Praminto
Posted by Billchor on August 28, 2008 
What a wedding shot ! I am wondering if the groom is a rail fan.
Posted by Pedro Rezende on August 28, 2008 
I also would like to have a wedding party like this. I have never thought about it>
Posted by Kleetus on August 28, 2008 
I second the comment about the safety nannies... First off, this would never happen in the states, and if it did, everyone within 50 feet would be wrapped in bubble rap and duct tape with their football helmets on! Notice the engineer giving the easy hand signal. That should be all that's needed.
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on August 30, 2008 
Impressive and memorable moment! Great.
Posted by Jeff Sell on September 4, 2008 
Wow...I wish I would of thought of this for my wedding!
Posted by Nandar Arrasyid on September 8, 2008 
Wow, what's an amazing moment! Again, a great photo Mr. Praminto!
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