Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on August 26, 2008 
I love how the rain and clouds saturate the scene not to mention the glowing numberboards. Another winner, Brent!
Posted by Terence Keller on August 26, 2008 
It seems so strange seeing NS motors down on the TN RR loading coal at last. You may have got soaked out there but I think it would be well worth it to see this! Lets hope it works out this time and turns into a weekly event. I love the dreary feel of your shot.
Posted by Doug Wolfe on August 27, 2008 
Good shot.
Posted by J.B. Lockard on August 27, 2008 
A shot well worth the wait in the pouring rain. A PCA nod from me this week. Who held the umbrella for you?
Posted by David Price on August 28, 2008 
Perseverance does have its rewards... Great shot!
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