Posted by Rick Erben on August 25, 2008 
Another gem, Donald. There seemed to be (and was) something going on all the time in that Philly/Camden region with the huge diversity of freight and passenger operations. I really enjoy those boxcars, as well - viewing a passing freight or a yard track was like flipping through the pages of the Official Guide. So many roadnames that it's almost hard to fathom at this point in time.
Posted by Tom Pearson on August 25, 2008 
I agree with the above comments...but there is something else that is nice to NOT see in these classic pic's of freight cars...No graffiti!
Posted by JLG on August 26, 2008 
Seems that push pull has been around for awhile. Thank you Donald that great photo and eye opener.
Posted by Nick Kraynak on August 26, 2008 
Awesome classic shot! I like how SAL boxcar and the ACL boxcar are together just around two years after the merger.
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