Posted by Edja N N on August 13, 2008 
Tell the fisherman find other place due to no fish near the bridge.... except he is doing train fishing .. great shot
Posted by Praminto Nugroho on August 13, 2008 
Very cool shot
Posted by Joe Geronimo on August 13, 2008 
Andrew, I don't know all the circumstances but mentioning that the crew posed for 45 minutes is not in the best interest of the crew involved. See you don't know who looks at this stuff since its all public. As a railroader this could have a terrible outcome for us and our families. Thank you!
Posted by Christine Sweetnam on August 13, 2008 
Brilliant picture Andrew, though I am surprised you didn't pose the fisherman standing on the side of the loco with his fishing rod hanging over the side, now that would have been a picture
Posted by Darryl Rule on August 13, 2008 
Joe, I'm pretty sure by posing, Andrew meant they were stopped there for some reason like a signal or MOW. The word posing is in quotes. I may be wrong, but that is just how I read it.
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on August 13, 2008 
Thanks for the all the comments! Darryl is correct that the crew had to stop for some reason or another (not because of me) and chose the bridge instead of the busy downtown area probably to keep people away from the train.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on August 13, 2008 
The second I saw the thumbnail, I knew who took this. Nice shot Andrew!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 13, 2008 
Your sure have a way with NS, AB. Nicely framed and captured.
Posted by Roman W Kebalo on August 13, 2008 
Nice photo Andrew. I just realized that you had linked up my photo of 5269 from a few days ealier. Its pretty cool how both photos can almost tell a story together. Roman
Posted by Doug Wolfe on August 13, 2008 
I added this one to my favorites. Great work.
Posted by David Nutter on August 14, 2008 
Great shot and I already this add my favorite! Great shot, Mr.Andrew!
Posted by Charles J. Renella on August 14, 2008 
Very nice shot, Andrew.
Posted by Steven M. Welch on August 14, 2008 
Great shot Andrew, I saw this, and thought it would be you. Love the sky, the fisherman adds such a great touch. Well done.
Posted by Alex L. Moss on August 25, 2008 
The fishermens line looks tight....Did he get anything? Nice shot!
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