Posted by - on August 3, 2008 
Congratulations, Deborah! I was one of the doubters on the forums, but, you made it. Great job.
Posted by J Douglas Moore on August 3, 2008 
Nice shot and you kept me out of it as well! I really like the paint on these units.
Posted by Kit Fassett on August 4, 2008 
Great picture, I assume taken in the morning. I have not been out that way in a couple of years. I thought they might have closed down the Copper Basin when they closed the Ray Mine. Glad to see that did not happen. It's a really interesting little railroad.
Posted by Doug Wolfe on August 4, 2008 
Good shot Deborah. Glad to see it made it.
Posted by Ken Huard on August 5, 2008 
Nice shot! I'm glad it was accepted. I was really grumpy that it was rejected.
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