Posted by Mitch Goldman on July 24, 2008 
Excellent! Not enough SAL photos, thanks for sharing this very nicely composed photo!
Posted by Ray Peacock on July 24, 2008 
Love the color classics from the 50s Neil. Keep em coming.
Posted by Kent Nelson on July 24, 2008 
Great Great series of classics Neil. Thanks for sharing. Bring on more please.
Posted by Charles Freericks on July 25, 2008 
Wow... what a wonderful addition to the data base. This is great.
Posted by earl thomas jr on July 25, 2008 
This is classic Seaboard Air Line. It really shows a time where Alberta was a haven for train watching. You do not see trains here anymore and i love the scheme. Nice memories from the 50's. Thank you for sharing this and please bring more.
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