Posted by Mitch Goldman on July 13, 2008 
Another winner, Travis. Perfectly captures the wide openness of the area with an added impending storm.
Posted by Steven M. Welch on July 13, 2008 
Schweeet lighting Travis, well done.
Posted by Ray Peacock on July 13, 2008 
I love weather and trains.
Posted by Lee Baxter on July 14, 2008 
That is a great shot Travis. Wild weather looks great. Regards Lee
Posted by James Belmont on July 14, 2008 
Nicely done, Travis! I love weather shots and this one is a beauty.
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on July 14, 2008 
Excellent shot!
Posted by Doug Shaw on July 14, 2008 
Fantastic wide angle view of sky and train! And incredible sunset colors.
Posted by Bobbie Sue Baker on July 14, 2008 
Very beautiful photo, Travis. I think this is by far one of your best photos, and much better than the photo that received Screener's Choice. This is getting a PCA from me.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on July 25, 2008 
Wiiiiide open spaces, great shot!
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